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Original Chili Oil

Original Chili Oil

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You just can't beat an Asian-American original. Our flagship chili oil is smooth and savory, with a subtle tang and just the right amount of spice. Once you break open a jar, it's love at first smell.

Inspired by the diverse food scenes of Los Angeles and Washington DC, we've combined peppers from a variety of Asian cuisines to create a uniquely flavorful and balanced spice profile. 

Great on staples like rice, noodles, and eggs. Versatile enough to tackle pizza, falafel, curry, fried chicken, and anything else. Try it out!

100% All-Natural. Vegetarian. Gluten-Free. No MSG. AAPI and Woman Founded.

Size: 6 fl oz

Ingredients: Vegetable oil, chili mix, shallots, shiitake mushrooms, seaweed, herbs, spices, black vinegar, sesame oil, sesame, salt, sugar

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